A platform for a purpose

Here are all the different types of websites, summarised

Weather you are a musician looking to upload your music or a business owner who wants an e-commerce website- picking and choosing is critical for anyone to give their target audience a good experience.
Ever since the dawn of the website-era, they have become a platform for different purposes- from personal to business needs. Here is a short list of all the major website types out there, in order for you to choose better in case you are finding the digital match for your vision.


Let’s dive head-first into the most basic website you can make for yourself- a personal website. The most common purpose is as simple as making a sandwich. You own a domain, you put information about yourself, and you share it with friends/family, or use it as a profile/portfolio for numerous purposes.
Personal blogs, artwork, your life history- consider this as your morning sandwich- personalized per your taste and just for you (and the ones you would want to share it with).


Speaking of profiles and portfolios, there are websites that you can make for business as well as for yourself in a professional manner, listing things you want to share with the world in a comprehensive way.
From blogs, artwork, contact information, work experience to products, brochures, product range, catalogues and infographics offering services- this one will have a purpose- the purpose of showcasing what you have, to generate leads for numerous needs. Consider this like a salad- with ingredients you pick to create an impact on the viewer.


The branding trend has escalated the creation of these websites exponentially. These websites are for business owners, with the business acting like a dynamic personality, posting content and information about itself.
From the brand’s story that shows it coming into existence to service/product offerings, call to action, hyperlinks to online stores and contact details- this one needs to be holistic in terms of business approach, flavour and responsiveness. This is a carefully cooked dish that will be served to the world- a smoothie of all ingredients, if you will.

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These kinds of websites are the do-gooders of the internet. Covering information about something in particular and diving deep into the subject matter, the content-heavy format in these sites need to be frill-free and served well enough in a way the information is accessible and easy on the eyes (which sometimes is not the case, but it still helps the ones who are doing research).
Often considered as bland and flavourless by the people who aren’t looking for what these sites offer- detailed information on a particular niche/domain, these are sweet treats to feed the sweet tooth for curiosity for the ones who are seeking a cookie or two.


This is a need of the 21’st century and we have accepted entertainment offering sites into our lives with welcoming arms. From visual to text- these sites act as our ‘daily dose of awesome.’
From blog sites that offer gossip to gossip sites that provides blogs- these sites are like bags of chips- often filled mostly with nothingness, and a little bit with crisp, good content that makes your day or evokes emotions out of you.


Almost everyone who owns a smartphone knows of platforms that are just made for networking. From friends on facebook to your office team on linkedin, networking sites are a huge platform for people to connect and share- from personal needs to business.
Out of all of these categories, this is the only one that would be related to a mug of beer. You can have a candid catching up of the ages with your old pal, or a business conversation over it- you can choose what you want to use it for and get going!


When connections are made, sharing becomes frequent, and when businesses connect, frequent activity becomes business. This is the heart and soul of sharing sites today.
From photo and video sharing sites to websites that connect you to top-of-the-line relevant services around your area for a price or for free, these sites have expanded your horizons on creativity and business alike. And just like a pizza, they come in the same shape, with different ingredients and in different sizes.

To find what suits you in the best way possible can always be a hassle while choosing a website type. And this is exactly what we can help you out with.

After all, would you not trust a professional chef to make your dinner, so you can spend the time on appetizers instead?